JP Mission & Values

JP Pro Coaching is determined to change the way our footballers are educated, ensuring no aspect of their life suffers whilst they’re on their footballing journey. To do this we must hold ourselves accountable to our key values, which are;

Work – It is the number one. A minimum requirement in any career and does not require anything other than dedication. Our coaches and our players demand from each other in a constructive, positive manner. We work in an enjoyable, professional way which provides consistent results. ‘Be humble, be hungry, and always be the hardest worker in the room’.

Learn – Every training session is a chance to develop. It is a chance to be better than the day before. Our coaches aim to train, teach and educate. This requires our players to buy into our learning value and be open to new challenges. ‘Learn continually, there’s always ‘one more thing’ to learn.’

Succeed – If you work hard and want to learn you are trusting the process. At JP Pro Coaching, the process will give you a pathway to success. Our coaches will strive for this. Every player defines success differently but from day one we will work together to put the building blocks in place. ‘We believe that the most meaningful way to succeed is to help other people succeed’.